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hmmm, dunnon which border would be best, but the shawl looks rad. I should make one! Uhh, a year after I said I would.


nice picture allison guy!! i don't know about borders. no opinion. it'll probably look similar no matter what you do, so pick whatever is most fun to knit. that's what i say.


My feets hate your shawl, and Paige is now frightened of knitting in blocking progress due to my yell of "Do not step there Paigey! It has pins!" Her look of fear at the knitting may have sunk very deep into her psyche at her fragile age.

I am in lovers with the FO as well as the carpet. Nice!


Love it! There is a book full of border ideas that you can probably get at Indigo or Amazon. It overwhelmes me with all the choices though. But the shawl is looking really great to me as is.
Haven't noticed the Paiger steering clear of my knitting.

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